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Pump Sales & Service

  • Bore water pumps.
  • Bore Pump Installation, Sales, Repairs, and Maintenance.
  • We service many different types and brands of Bore Water Pumps including:
  • Deep Well Jet Pumps.
  • Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pumps.
  • Shallow Well Centrifugal Pumps.
  • Stator Pumps.
  • Vertical Turbine Line Shaft Pumps.
  • Rain Water Tank Transfer Pumps.
  • Some of the Pump Brands we specialize in are as follows:
Davey , DAB, ONGA, Grundfos, Lowara, Pomona, Southern Cross, Franklin etc.  

Backyard Water Bores & Wells

Supply, Install & Repair, Backyard Water Wells & Pumps.

 Shallow water bores in backyards are called spear points. Spear points are installed in sand aquifers where the water level is not lower than 6 meters in depth.

We install spear points on the east coast of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. These wells are installed by hand. All equipment is carried to site by hand, due to the limited space in accessing backyards, through gates and side paths etc.

We use stainless steel sand spear points, poly foot valves and pressure PVC pipe and fittings, The wells are installed by jetting water into casing. Most of the backyard pumps are automatic, which means the pump will start when a tap is turned on or an irrigation valve is opened.

Production Bores & Wells

Installation, Maintenance and Service

Production Bores & Wells are usually installed for commercial use. They are installed using a Cable Tool Drilling Rig.

Production Bores are installed to irrigate lawns, parks and gardens, at golf courses, race courses and public parks etc. Bore water is also used by factories for washing and cooling.

We also maintain and clean out bores using a block surge method with brushes and Clear Bore Chemical.

We also have test pumps. Pump testing is needed to determine the yield of a bore. Results of a pump test will determine the type and size of the pump required.

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